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You have allergies ? Remember to mention it to yout waiter!

To be more cautious, we strongly recommend that you inform your waiter two times about your allergies and validate again when your dish arrives at your table. We will always make our best efforts to ensure your enjoyment and safety. Please note that we are in an open kitchen environment so our products may contain traces of allergen.

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Treasure from the sea...

Seafood platter to be ordered based on availability and inspiration Market prices


  • *Soup of the day 9
  • *Lobster bisque 20

    Rich and delicious lobster cream with cognac. A classic long prepared with love by Chef Bresson.


  • *Green salad 15

    Hardboiled egg mayonnaise on mixed greens

  • *Endives, aragula 20

    Pecans confites, jersey vinaigrette

  • *Caesar salad with parmesan tuile 20
  • *Chez Lévêque classic’s 29

    Julienne of white ham and emmental cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes and boiled eggs on greenery.

  • *Winter goat cheese salad  29

    Served with apples and caramelized pecans


  • Poultry liver mousse 18

    Served with homemade brioche and onion jam.

  • Provençal style mussels 18

    Mussels stuffed with breadcrumbs, garlic and tomato butter with anise, all nicely browned with salamander.

  • Parmesan cheese croquette 18

    Served with cranberry greens

  • *Homemade smoked herring 18

    Served with warm potatoe salad and eggs

  • *Pork knuckle and head in jelly 18

    Butcher Fred's tartare sauce

  • *Lévêque duck terrine 19

    Duck and duck liver, with the classic salad of celery-remoulade.

  • Royal salmon, saffron sauce 20

    Haddock mousse and Nordic shrimps, surrounded by smoked salmon

  • Snail on a puff pastry shell with chablis sauce 20

    Snails and mushrooms in a Chablis cream sauce, served on a small homemade pastry

  • Homemade smoked salmon and trout 28

    Served white cheese, apples and chip bagel.

  • *Homemade foie gras terrine 28

    Served with homemade brioche and pear ginger chutney

  • Charcuterie board - 2p. 36

    Country terrine, chicken liver mousse, rillettes, black pudding, Serrano ham, dry garlic sausage


  • Piece of cheddar aged 2 years, Iles aux Grues 16
  • Raclette from Oka and caramelized pecans 18

Kids $22 16 years old and under.

  • *Pasta gratin with cheese

    The best in the world. With small sautéed bacon bits. Parents love it every time!

  • *Parmesan croquette

    Fries or salad


  • *Seasonal vegetable risoto with truffle oil29
  • *Club Lévêque 29

    In artisan white square bread, a minute grilled chicken breast, bacon, tomato, homemade mayonnaise. Served with fries of salad

  • Mussels to your taste, fries 34

    Provencal, marinieres or poulette

  • Salmon or beef tartar 35

    180 g. Classic brewery style, seasoned to your taste. Served with french fries and salad.

  • Salmon escalope 36

    Pan-fried cutlet, white butter and fleuron.

  • Pike Quenelles 36

    Nantua sauce, nordic shrimps and its toppings

  • Beef Onglet 39

    Pan-fried with shallots or Madagascar green pepper

  • Grilled whole royal sea bream 45

    Grilled whole fish, flambeed with pastis, steamed potatoes and vegetables. Your waiter will be happy to prepare your fish if you wish. 

  • Clergy Bouillabaisse 48

    Short fish broth, potatoes, fresh fish, Matane shrimps, clams and mussels, served with garlic croutons and rouille.

  • Lobster puff pastry 48

    Charentes pineau sauce, spinach and rice

  • Braised lamb shank 48

    Slowly cooked in a red wine sauce, small vegetables and couscous with Corinthe dried raisins

  • Grilled veal chop 65

    Morels creamy sauce, butter tagliatelles.

  • Beef filet mignon rossini 68

    Pan-fried foie gras escalope on croutons, Perigueux sauce

Chez Lévêque is proud to encourage local commerce

Herbs and vegetables from the Lévêque farm
Hector Larrivée for our fruits and vegetables

All our products are homemade from high quality products. We maintain a trustworthy relationship with our local suppliers, in order to offer you the best.


Chez Lévêque has been serving offal for over 50 years.
Recognized experts among our Montreal public, we prepare offal to perfection in order to bring out all of its natural flavours.

  • Homemade sausages, pepper sauce, fried 32

  • Veal tongue 33

    Sauce ravigote

  • Rich veal brain grenobloise 35

    Sautéed veal brains, butter sauce with capers, diced crisp bread and lemon.

  • Homemade apple black pudding 35

    Homemade blood pudding, caramelized hemmingford apples, pepper sauce.

  • Veal kidney madeira or mustard 35

    Pan seared veal kidney. Choice of sauce : Mustard or Madeira

  • Veal liver escalope 36

    Veal liver in escalope, pan seared in butter, Choice of sauce : Raspberry sauce, Meunière or Persillade

  • Crispy veal sweetbreads 48

    Pan seared sweetbreads until golden and crispy, Morels and cream sauce, root vegetables purée


  • French fries 8
  • Butter and cream mashed potatoes 8
  • Pan-fried green market vegetables 10
  • Pan-fried mushrooms 12

Cuvée de Lévêque Pays d'Oc: red wine and white wine

  • Glass 14
  • 500 ml 35
  • Bottle 50

Vegetarian or you can ask for a vegetarian version

*Dishes marked with an asterisk can be ordered to go.